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SSC Civics Assignment Answer 2021 2nd Week Best Info

Dear Examiners of SSC 2021 Humanities Department, The selected answers of the SSC Civics Assignment Answer 2021 2nd Week have been prepared for you (reasons for the decrease in joint family and increase in a number of a single-family). Those of you who are candidates for SSC 2021 in government and private secondary schools were given a definite assignment in the second week of Assignment Politics and Citizenship. Following the appropriate assessment guidelines, the selected sample answers of Citizenship and Citizenship 2nd Assignment are given to you.


SSC Civics Assignment Answer 2021 2nd Week

SSC Civics Assignment Answer 2021 2nd Week

In the second week, the students of the humanities department who have participated in the SSC examination of 2021 have been given one assignment each from the subject of history and world civilization and geography and environment of Bangladesh and those who have chosen politics and citizenship as elective subjects.

Students have to follow the prescribed health rules for the SSC candidates in the humanities department and collect the prescribed subjects from the educational institution for the second week of the 2021 assignment from the educational institution or online and submit the relevant subjects to the teacher after completing the prescribed rules.

SSC Civics Assignment Answer 2021 2nd Week

SSC Civics Assignment Answer 2021 2nd Week
Level: SSC Exam 2021, Category: Humanities, Subject: Geography and Environment, Subject Code: 140, Total Number: 12, Assignment Number-01

Here is your SSC Civics Assignment Answer 2021 2nd Week Selected Sample Answer-

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