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July 20, 2021| Soft Dows
SSC Assignment 2021

SSC Assignment 2021 Science, Humanities and Business Education for the first three weeks of SSC Exam 2021 will be published very soon. In the light of the revised short syllabus of SSC 2021 published by the National Curriculum Textbook Board, the first week of the SSC Exam 2021 assignment science, humanities, and business education will be published in continuation of the publication of assignments of departmental subjects for a total of 15 weeks. Teachers will evaluate the assignment for the 1st week of the 2021 SSC examination following the prescribed rules.

SSC Assignment 2021 First Three Weeks

The Department of Education has fixed the 1st-week assignment for the students who have filled up the forms for the 10th class of 2020 and the SSC examination of 2021. Out of the 15-week assignment, the 15-week assignment has been published for the readers of BanglaNotice.com.

The 2021 SSC candidates are given a PDF on a separate one-page basis for the 1st-week assignment section. Download your desired assignment by clicking on the buttons below.

The notification issued by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education regarding the assignment of the first three weeks assignment to the SSC candidates of 2021 will be published soon.

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SSC Assignment 2021 Science, Humanities, And Business Education First Three Weeks PDF Download

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