SSC 2022 Bangla 4th Week Assignment With Best PDF

July 10, 2021| Soft Dows
SSC 2022 Bangla 4th Week Assignment

SSC 2022 Bangla 4th Week Assignment scheduled by Department of Secondary and Higher Education has been published in Bengali and English. Details are given to the readers of Bangla Notice.com for the fourth week assignment of 10th class published as per the routine of publishing assignments of SSC candidates for 2022.

Among the 25-week assignments fixed by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board, the fourth week assignment is given to the 10th class students of the 2021 academic year studying in secondary schools who will participate in the 2022 SSC examination.

SSC 2022 Bangla 4th Week Assignment

Secondary Level Educational Institutions For the students of 10th class Science, Humanities and Business Education in the 2021 academic year, the fourth week assignment has been given in the light of the SSC 2022 short syllabus of English and Bengali subjects scheduled for 2022.

In the 4th week of SSC Exam 2022, all the other information including the questions and answers scheduled for Bangla and English 2nd Assignment were given to the readers of Bangla Notice.com.

Earlier, 22nd June 2021 SSC Examination 2022 for 10th class students of Secondary Level 1st class Assignment Bangla and Mathematics and 2nd week Assignment English and Bangladesh and World Identity and Science scheduled work for 26th June 2021 SSC Examiners were published.

Scheduled work in Mathematics, Physics, Business Entrepreneurship, Geography and Environment for the 3rd week of SSC 2022 10th class is published for the purpose of assessment for the students.

SSC 2022 Bangla 4th Week Assignment

All the information regarding the second subject of Bangla subject and the answer of English second assignment and assignment of 10th class students was given to the readers of BanglaNotice.com. Students will be able to easily find the assignments and answers scheduled for the fourth week and download the PDF.

SSC 2022 Bangla 4th Week Assignment

The fourth week assignment for the 10th class students of 2021 academic year studying in secondary level high schools has been fixed from the first letter of Bangla. This week, the tenth graders will do an assignment on assessing the importance of the mother tongue in the light of the Bangabani poems in their Bangla first paper textbook.

Earlier, the first week assignment of SSC 10th class was given an assignment to understand the emotional feelings of people with special needs and determine the role of family and society towards them by following the Subha story from Bangla textbook.

For the readers of SoftDows.com, the details of the fourth week Bangla subject assignment of SSC 10th class are mentioned and an HD quality picture is given.

SSC 2022 bangla 4th Week Assignment
Class: Submission 10th, Subject: Bangla 1st Paper, Assignment Number: 2,

Assignment: Assessing the importance of mother tongue in the light of Bangabani poetry;

Learning Outcome: Read poetry and be able to analyze its essence.

Assignment Writing Instructions (Hints / Steps / Scope):

  1. Reasons for composing books in the mother tongue of poet Abdul Hakim.
  2. The poet’s attitude towards mother tongue foreigners.
  3. Presenting various examples of misuse of language in general conversation, books, signs, banners, news and media etc. (Add pictures and paper cuttings as required)
  4. A similar role can be played in reducing the misuse of the mother tongue and increasing its proper application.

How to Evaluate: Students are able to write assignments by following all the instructions in the assignment writing instructions mentioned above. Students are very good, two are good if they make a small mistake, good if they can write a little, and progress will be evaluated if not.

SSC 2022 English 4th Week Assignment

Assignment prepared for SSC 2022 candidates SSC 4th week assignment Bangla subject along with an assignment from English first paper for 10th class students has been given. Earlier, the statement ‘Festivals are for everyone’ was scheduled for the first assignment of English subject for the high school tenth class candidates of the second week assignment.

In the fourth week, the second assignment of 10th class English has been scheduled from Unit-4 EFT of the textbook. Here students will write a 300-word essay on public behavior in a coronavirus situation following five instructions.

The picture below mentions the assignment of the first English paper in the fourth week and then the details are given.

SSC 2022 English 4th Week Assignment

Assignment-2, This assignment is based on Unit 4 from EfT. Total marks = 20,

Assignment: People’s awareness to fight Covid-19 in Bangladesh

Learning outcomes: Ask and tell about the problems, Give suggestions

Instructions: Write an essay in 300 words including the clues below.

1. How do people behave in public places and in public transport? 2. Do people maintain social distancing during the lock down due to Covid-19, 3. How do people behave while moving from one place to another during festivals? 4. Why do they do that? 5. What could be the impact of such behavior? 6. What could you do as a responsible citizen of the country to prevent such behavior?

SSC 2022 Bangla 4th Week Assignment PDF download

Students studying in class X in the schools participating in the SSC examination of 2022 were given a one-page PDF of SSC 4th week assignments in Bengali and English. This will allow students to print the fourth week assignment on one page and reduce the cost and educational institutions will be able to easily deliver the fourth week assignment to the students.

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