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MPO Index Delete or Release Application Guideline and Documents

Today we talk about MPO Index Delete or Release Application Guideline and Required Documents: Teachers-Employees of MPO Educational Institutions under the Department of Secondary and Higher Education can apply for MPO Index Delete or MPO Index from MPO Portal after moving from one institution to another or leaving their job. Is.

If the MPO index is not deleted or released from the EMIS MPO portal, the name of the teacher will remain in the MPO copy and complications will arise in the future.

For this reason, the heads of all the institutions must remove the name of a teacher from the MPO portal if he dies or leaves his job, or moves to another institution.

In today’s tune, we will discuss with you how to delete or release the name of the teaching staff who has left your school from the MPO portal and what documents are required to do so.

Please stay with us if you want to know the information required to delete MPO Index or MPO Index Release from MPO Portal.

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Why Index Delete or MPO Index Release:

If a teaching employee takes a job elsewhere from your institution or someone dies or is fired or resigns voluntarily, you have to delete his / her name from the MPO portal of your institution. Otherwise, you will not be able to enroll in any new teaching staff in the office.

And these teacher employees who have been transferred or hired elsewhere and no new educational institution will be able to apply for MPO.

Therefore, deleting the index from the MPO portal is a very important task for the educational institution and those teachers and staff.

What documents are required to Delete or Release MPO:

I am trying to summarize the list of documents you will need to delete the MPO of a deceased teacher or employee who has been dismissed or transferred to another institution.

1. Forwarding of Head of Organization:

The Director-General will write an advance letter on his / her own pad along with the Director-General of Secondary and Higher Education stating the reason for deleting the name of the teacher-employee from the MPO portal.

2. Teacher-Employee Information Statement:

You will need a statement of current teachers working in your organization where your organization will contain information about all the teachers currently working.

There is a sample format of teacher-employee information statement which you can download from here if you want.

3. Latest MPO copy:

You have to upload the latest MPO copy of the educational institution. See how to download your organization MPO copy

4. Resignation / Death Certificate / Exemption:

Collect any suitable document for the teacher who will delete the MPO as required. If your school teacher resigns voluntarily, you will need to sign a letter of resignation with your resignation and the resignation committee’s resolution.

5. Bank Non-Drawal Certificate:

The current bank account of the resigned deceased or employed teacher will have to collect the bank Narail certificate of the bank where he withdraws the MPO money.

6. Permission letter of the present steering committee:

You must attach a letter from the Board of Education regarding the approval of the Governing Body of your school’s current management committee.

7. Committee Resolutions:

You will need to submit a resolution to the committee to remove the name of the teacher or employee who has been dismissed or relocated from the MPO list.

– Resolution for Approval of Resignation and Issuance of Exemption Certificate: In case of teacher or employee of the teacher who has voluntarily resigned, after submitting the resignation letter, the steering committee should convene a meeting stating that he has accepted his resignation;

– In case of the deceased person: In case of death of any teacher-employee, in order to remove the name of that teacher-employee from the MPO list, a meeting of the steering committee regarding the vacancy of index delete post should be organized and a copy of the resolution should be attached.

8. Latest Recognition of Institute:

A copy of your organization’s latest acknowledgment must be attached to the teacher-employee’s application for MPO deletion or release.

9. Other documents:

If there are any other documents related to the teacher who wants to delete the MPO of the employee, attach them in column 9.

In the case of a teacher given by the school from the job, the resolution of the management committee regarding the exemption and other documents including the exemption letter should be included as standard documents.

The online application process for deleting the MPO index:

After collecting the required documents, the online application has to be completed by following the specific procedure of EMIS MPO Portal of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education.

To delete or release the MPO index, you must first log in by entering the EMIS portal.

You will need your organization MPO user ID and password to login into the EMIS portal.

If you do not know the MPO user ID and password of your organization, you can collect it from the head of the organization or you can collect the password by contacting the nearest regional programmer.

When you click on the sign-in button with the correct username and password, your organization’s MPO portal will be launched.

On this page you will see three options – the first is HRM (Human Resource Management), the second is IMS (Institute Management System), and the third is MPO (Monthly Pack Order).

For our MPO Index Delete work we click on the MPO Monthly Pay-Order button marked in red.

We have two different tunes for the Human Resource Management Institute Management System.

After clicking on the MPO button you will see a page related to the Monthly Pay Order online application.

There will be an online application for MPO registration of new MPO teachers, transfer of teacher-staff, BEd scale, higher scale, MPO correction, MPO area, index delete or release,

and two separate buttons called online application inbox and online application archive.

We have a separate video tutorial with each option that you can follow if you want.

Index Delete or Release:

Click the Delete Index Delete or Release button in red to delete the index of a teacher who has been fired or moved elsewhere by your organization.

After clicking the Index Delete or Release button, the online application form related to Index Delete will be opened.

You need to complete your online application in 6 steps.

Each step contains some important steps. If you make a mistake, your organization’s MPO delete or releasing application may be rejected.

You have to complete all the steps very carefully and submit the application to delete the index.

Step 1:

In this step, you need to provide the general information of the teacher or employee whose organization you want to delete the index.

1. Click on the search box next to the teacher-employee name. The names of the teaching staff working in your organization will come up.

From here, click on the select text at the beginning of the name of the teacher-employee you want to delete.

After selecting your expected name, all the general information including index number, MPO organization name, organization level will be filled automatically.

2. Just select the type of your application by clicking on the release type dropdown menu.

Resignation in case of resignation, dismissal in case of resignation, date in case of deceased teacher-employee, and institute change in case of change of institution are to be selected.

3. When you select the Institute Change option, you need to click on the check box to see if the institution name and position you are referring to is higher.

All personal information teacher-employee updates will be automatically filled from the dead PDS.

There is no scope to add or correct all this information in case of an index delete application.

  • See how to update PDS

4. Click the Save Drafts button if you want to save your application for future performance in this state.

5. Verify all of the above information and click the Next button;

Step 2:

There are currently no options in the second step of the Index Delete application so you can enter the next step by clicking the Next button.

Step 3:

Professional Information: (According to PDS) In this step, the professional information of the teacher-employee will be updated.

If there is any inconsistency in the information, the teacher-employee must update the PDS. All this information will be filled in automatically according to PDS.

SMC or GB: Your organization needs to provide information about the current board of directors or the type of governing body, the type of appointment GB or SMS, the term of the current board of directors.

Appointment GB means you have to select the type of management committee that was there at the time of appointment of the teaching staff.

Click the Next button specifying the organization’s latest recognition date.

If you wish, you can save the current status with future edits by clicking the Previews button in the previous step and by clicking the Next button.

Step 4:

This step is important because in this step you have to connect different resolutions of the steering committee.
There will be a resolution built-in option that you can delete or edit if you want.

Basically, this resolution of GB is needed to delete or release the index.

If you want to add any other resolution, you can add the resolution by clicking on the Resolution Plus button.

Clicking on the Resolution Plus button or the Edit button will open a form to add the resolution
Here select the type of resolution from the dropdown menu, select the date of the meeting,

enter the number of the meeting, and enter the details discussed in the meeting details box then click the save button;

Step 5:

This step will contain information about your school’s current class and subject-based students that will be automatically updated from the IMS portal. If you have not updated the image portal, update the IMS portal by following the procedure below.

Click on the check box to see if there are any complaints and complaints about your organization. If not, leave them blank and click on the Next button.

Sixth and last step:

This step is very important because in this step you have to upload various documents related to the application of the teacher-employee whose name you want to delete from the MPO list.

List of documents to upload at a glance:

  • 1. Forwarding of the head of the institution;
  • 2. Teacher-employee information statement;
  • 3. Latest MPO copy (institution);
  • 4. Resignation letter / death certificate / clearance;
  • 5. Bank Loan Royal Certificate;
  • 6. Letter of approval from the current steering committee;
  • 7. Copy of the steering committee meeting session;
  • 8. Copy of latest acknowledgment of organization;
  • 9. Other papers;

Since several documents are multiple pages, it is difficult to save them on a PC. Follow the guidelines for multiple pages and JPG to PDF.

You may like:

Remember to keep the size of each file between 500KB to 1MB for uploading in the application.

It would not be right to go below 500 KB because of the lower the KB, the better the quality of the file.

Final Submit:

After verifying and sorting all the above information on your application more than once, you will submit the final. Before submitting the final, click on the submit button stating the reason for the application in the comment box.

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