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Make A Torch In Blockheads

In Blockheads, torches are a key item used to light up dark areas and to keep players warm in cold biomes. Torches can be placed on the ground or on walls, and come in two varieties: regular torches and super torches. Super torches provide twice the light of a regular torch and never need to be replaced.

To make a torch, the player will need 1 coal and 1 stick. Coal can be found by mining coal ore, which is a common ore in most biomes. Sticks can be obtained by chopping down trees. Once the player has these two items, they can craft a torch by opening their crafting menu and selecting the torch recipe.


To make a torch in Blockheads, you will need to gather some materials. You will need 1 block of coal, 1 block of wood, and 1 block of obsidian. Once you have these materials, you will need to use a crafting table to create the torch. First, you will need to create a block of coal by placing the coal in the crafting table. Next, you will need to create a block of wood by placing the wood in the crafting table. Finally, you will need to create a block of obsidian by placing the obsidian in the crafting table. Once you have all of these blocks, you will need to place them in the following order in the crafting table: coal, wood, obsidian. This will create a torch that you can place in your hotbar and use to light your way in the dark.

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