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HSC Alim Assignment 2021 published (1st, 2nd Week) Best PDF

The HSC Alim Assignment 2021 published for the students studying in the Higher Secondary Level Government Private Madrasas under the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board who wish to participate in the 2021 Alim Examination. Due to Covid-19, two assignments have been given to the candidates participating in the 2021 Alim Examination to evaluate them in an alternative manner.

The 2021 Alim examinee studying in a higher secondary level madrasa has to complete the regular weekly assignments by the hygiene rules and as per the rules he has to submit it again to the teacher of the concerned subject or the concerned educational institution.

After the educational institutions collect all these assignments in compliance with the hygiene rules, the teacher will evaluate the students by following the assessment instructions in the relevant subject and save the information.

Thirty assignments for a total of 15 weeks have been prepared in the light of the short syllabus of 2021 Alim Examiners prepared by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board which will be published by the Madrasa Education Department on their official website every week according to the grade of publication of weekly assignments.

Quran Majeed, Hadith and Usulul Hadith, Arabic Literature, Al-Fiqh First Paper, Al-Fiqh Second Paper, History of Islam, Balagat Mantik, Tajbeed First Paper, Tajbeed Second Paper, Physics First and Second Paper for Assignment for 2021 Alim Examiners, A total of 30 assignments have been prepared in five subjects of Chemistry I and II, Higher Mathematics I and II, Biology I and II. HSC Alim Assignment 2021 published.

Although the assignment of Alim examinees was supposed to be published on 26 July 2021, it was published on 28 July 2021 due to official complications. HSC Alim Assignment 2021 published.

In the first phase of the reorganized syllabus prepared for the HSC Alim Assignment 2021 published, it is said in the notification regarding sending 02 (two) weeks assignment-

Due to the ongoing Kovar-19 overcrowding, the students could not be directly involved in the class activities of the educational institution. Meanwhile, the syllabus for the 2021 Alim Examination has been rearranged by the National Curriculum and Textbook Baird (NCTB). HSC Alim Assignment 2021 published.

HSC Alim Assignment 2021 published, To fully involve the students in the learning activities and bring them under continuous evaluation, the participants in the Alim Examination 2021 in the VO of the reorganized syllabus will be covered in 13 subjects (Quran Majeed, Hadith, Hadith, Hadith, Hadith, Hadith, Hadith, Hadith, Hadith, Hadith, Hadith, Hadith) Arabic Literature, Balagat and Mantik, Al-Fiqh [1st Paper], Al-Fiqh [2nd Paper – Nurul Anwara, Tajbid [1st Paper, Tajibi [2nd Paper – Mujabbid]], History of Islam, Biology (1st and 2nd Paper], Chemistry [1st O 2nd Paper, Higher Mathematics [1st and 2nd Paper], Physics (1st and 2nd Paper)) Assignment Assessment Softcopy of Assignment Grease with Rubrics has been sent to this Department by National Curriculum and Textbook Baird (NCTB).

In this case, assessment of 13 subjects of 1st and 2nd week prepared in the form of the rearranged syllabus for Alim examinees of 2021 including Rutrishna, soft copy of 26 assignments and weekly assignment grid and sample page cover of assignment assessment, HSC Alim Assignment 2021 published.

Students will submit their completed assignments (directly / online) to the educational institution by following the hygiene regulations promulgated by the government at a convenient time by August 09, 2021 AD. All concerned are requested to take necessary action in this regard.

HSC Alim Assignment 2021 published

HSC Alim Assignment 2021 1st, 2nd Week PDF Download

For the readers of, two (02) week assignments of 2021 Alim examinees are given in PDF format. Download a sample copy of the desired first two weeks assignment, grid, cover page by clicking the button below.

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