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Dakhil 2021 Assignment 1st, 2nd And 3rd Week Published | Best PDF

Dakhil 2021 Assignment for the first, second, and third week of the entrance examination 2021 has been published for the candidates who want to participate in the entrance examination of 2021. The Department of Madrasa Education has released the assignments of the first three weeks of the candidates who have filled the form for the Madrasa Entrance Examination 2021 on 19 July 2021.

For the readers of, the assignments published for the first, second, and third weeks of the Dakhil Examination 2021 and the assignments for the Madrasa Dakhil examinees are given.

Dakhil 2021 Assignment

Dakhil 2021 Assignment 1st, 2nd And 3rd Week published a notification that the assignment has been sent to the restructured syllabus prepared for the 2021 Dakhil candidates. It is said,

Dakhil 2021 Assignment In the first week of the first phase of 03 (three) weeks, ‘Assignment of Hadith Sharif’, ‘Assignment’, ‘Assignment of Hadith Sharif’

In the second week ‘History of Islam’, ‘Tajvid’ (Hifzul Quran), ‘Tajvid’ Nasr and Najm (Mujabbid), Chemistry, ‘Higher Mathematics’ and ‘Biology’ and in the third week ‘Hadith Sharif’ and ‘Physics’ are sent.

In this case, assignments in addition to the rearranged syllabus for the 2021 Dakhil Examiners will be submitted to the educational institution by August 05, 2021, at a convenient time as per the hygiene regulations announced by the government.

All concerned are requested to take necessary action in this regard.

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