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Create Online Class Routine and Add Online School 2021 in Teacher Portal | Best Way

Create Online Class Routine and Add Online School in Teacher Portal: Bangladesh Teachers Portal is known as Shikkak Batayon one of the best social platforms for Bangladeshi teachers. During COVID-19 Bangladeshi teachers taking classes via social platforms especially on Facebook and YouTube. To engage their beloved student to study they doing this awesome thing. Teachers portal make a tab for Online Class in Teachers Portal Website.

If you are a teacher this is especially for you. After reading this article you can easily create your online routine and submit your class on Shikkhak Batayon – Teachers Portal Website.

Create Online Class Routine on Teachers Portal Bangladesh

Please stay with us for getting detailed knowledge about submitting your class on the teachers portal and create an online routine.

I am trying to discuss this with you a very easy way and step-by-step way to submit and Create Online Class Routine on Shikkhak Batayon -Teachers Portal.

1. Log in to TeachersPortal:

Create Online Class Routine and Add Online School in Teacher Portal

for Create Online Class Routine and submit your classes on the teachers portal you have to log in to the teachers portal first. Just go to and click on the login button there.

After successfully loading this website you have to put your username and password to log in.

If you don’t have an account on the teachers portal read this article to open a teacher’s portal account easily. You may follow the video instruction (See Video)

Create Online Class Routine:

Click on the down arrow button beside your name on the teacher’s portal website. There you will get 5 options.

  1. Create Online Class Routine
  2. Your online school routine
  3. Profile
  4. My page
  5. Log out

for creating an online school routine you have to follow guidelines mentioned below.

Create Online Class Routine and Add Online School in Teacher Portal

1. Create an Online Class Routine: 

to Create Online Class Routine for your institute you have to click on the “Create Online Routine” button marked as number 1. You will get a new form named to create a live class routine.

2. Division Name: Select the Division name from the dropdown menu where your school situated.

3. District Name: Select the District name of your institute also from the dropdown menu.

4. Online School Name: Now select your Online School name from the Online School Name Dropdown menu. if your School is not listed on their please contact your nearest a to ICT for education ambassador of teachers portal.

When contacting a2i – ICT4E ambassador for enlisted your school as an online school on the teachers portal you have to keep this information to provide to ambassadors.

  • Your school name;
  • District and division name, and
  • Your Facebook page profile link or YouTube channel link;

You must have a Facebook page for YouTube channel for your school where you could upload your classes for students.

  • See – How to open a Facebook Page Instantly

After successfully added your school to the online school list you will find it on the online School name list.

5. Institute Type: You have to select what type of institute you want to add; There are three types of institute in Bangladesh a. General Education, b. Madrasha Education and c. Technical Education

6. Education Level: Select the education level of your taken class and of your institute.

7. Subject: Select the subject of your taken class.

8. Section/Topic: You have to write a section or topic name in the section and topic box in 10 to 15 words.

9-10. Date and Time: Select Date and Time of Class.

11. And finally, you have to find out the video URL from Facebook or YouTube channel.

  • Click here to see how to find out the video URL from YouTube or Facebook video.

12. Add another class: If you want to another class routine for you should click on this otherwise ignore this option

After successfully submit your class link, you should click on the save button under the page.

to see your submitted live class routine click on “Online Class Routine” button beside your name dropdown menu.

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