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Class Ten 1st Week Assignment 2021 for SSC 2022 With Best PDF

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has published the Class Ten 1st Week Assignment 2021 for SSC 2022 for the students studying in class 10 of government and private schools in the 2021 academic year. On 14 June 2021, DSHE published the first-week assignment of Bangla’s 1st paper and Mathematics of class 10 students on the department’s website.

Through this, publishing assignments for the students studying in class ten of the 2021 academic year of the secondary level educational institutions started.

SSC Exam 2022 Assignment 1st Week

The National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) has prepared a 25-week assignment for the lesson activities according to SSC short syllabus ready for the students currently in Class X and will participate in the SSC examination 2022.

The Ministry of Education of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh decided to evaluate the students through the SSC Exam 2022 assignment process as the educational institutions were closed to prevent the social transmission of coronavirus.

Earlier, publishing the assignment started by following the short syllabus of HSC Exam 2022 Alim Exam 2022.

Class Ten 1st Week Assignment 2021

Authorities have released the first week of the 25-week assignment for students studying in class X at secondary public-private educational institutions. According to the assignment, class 10 students are given Bangla’s 1st paper, first paper, and prescribed work in mathematics in the first week.

Students of Science, Business Education, and Humanities, who are currently studying in Class X to participate in the SSC Examination 2022, will submit the assignment to the teacher after completing the first week’s task following proper instructions. Teachers will evaluate the subjects of the first week of class X according to the assessment Rubix mentioned in work.

You are given a PDF and web version of class ten’s first week’s assignment subject. To download the assignment pdf, you can download the assignment 2021 of the first chapter of class X for SSC exam 2022 by clicking on the download pdf button at the end of this post.

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Class Ten 1st Week Assignment 2021 Bangla

An assignment has been given on understanding people’s emotions with special needs and determining the role of family and society towards them following the Subha story of class 10 Bangla first letter subject code 101.

Be able to express the importance of being sensitive to people with special needs and complete the madrasa submission in the 1st week of the 2022 assignment.

Class Ten 1st Week Assignment 2021 Bangla

Assignment: There is a special need to follow the story of ‘Subha’. Understanding people’s emotions and determining the role of family and society towards them;

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

1. A description of the behavior that the speech-impaired Subha received from her family and society.

2. Expected positive behavior of family and society towards Subaru.

3. Obstacles to the growth of a person with special needs who know you.

4. A person with special needs also has a sensitive mind.

The Student will consider the correct answer to each of the questions mentioned in the assignment as very good if the Student can answer it correctly according to the evaluation Rubix. If they can give it partially, it will be considered good and good, and if they cannot give it at all, then students will consider progress as necessary.

Class Ten 1st Week Assignment 2021 Mathematics

An assignment has been fixed for SSC 2022 candidates with Bangla’s first paper in the first week of class 10. Candidates will complete the task of the Mathematics subject with Bangla and at the same time submit the related issue to the teacher.

In the picture below, you are given the assignment for the first week of the 2022 SSC exam. In the first week of mathematics in class ten of secondary school, the application of algebraic formulas has been given to solve the questions related to the expansion and product of class mass.

Class Ten 1st Week Assignment 2021 Mathematics

Students studying in class X will submit the first week of Mathematics subject with proper assessment instructions and complete the assignment following the prescribed rules of writing work with Bangla subject.

Click on the download PDF button below to download the 2022 SSC Exam Bangla and Mathematics Assignment on one page.

Class 10 Others Week Assignments:

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