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Class 9 Finance And Banking Assignment 9th Week Best Answer

Welcome SSC Students! We are here to give you Class 9 Finance And Banking Assignment 9th Week Best Answer. From today’s article, you will be able to know about the policy of financing, a complete description of which policy has been violated in which organization, and proper recommendations for financial management.

Following this, I expect you to get the highest marks if you write the answer to the second assignment in finance and banking in the ninth week. In today’s article, you will find information about the answer to the second assignment of Finance and Banking and complete questions. The second assignment on finance and banking for the readers of is mentioned in detail.

Class 9 Finance And Banking Assignment 9th Week

In the ninth week, the second assignment on Finance and Banking of the Department of Business Education has been scheduled from the first chapter of the textbook, Finance, and Business Finance. Class 9 Finance And Banking Assignment 9th Week Students will complete the assignment after studying the ninth-week short syllabus of the Banking subject.

Class 9 Finance And Banking Assignment 9th Week Earlier, in the second-week assignment of the ninth class, the first scheduled work on finance and banking subjects was given to the students in business education.

Class 9 Finance And Banking Assignment 9th Week
Class 9 Finance And Banking Assignment 9th Week

Category: IX, Category: Business Education, Subject: Finance and Banking, Assignment No-2

Chapters and titles: First – Finance and Business Finance; Curriculum includes lesson numbers and content: concepts of financing, growing trends in financing, classification of financing, importance of business financing, business financing policy, functions of financial managers;

Assignment: Preparation of report following a case study

X Limited, Y Limited, and Z Limited are three similar businesses. Although X Limited made a financial profit, there were often disputes over the demands of the creditors. The cost of capital is even higher than that of Y Ltd. Although Z Ltd has made good profits in other years, the business is on the verge of closing down in the COVID-19 situation. – Prepare a report based on the above case study. Class 9 Finance And Banking Assignment 9th Week.

(The report will include an introduction, explanation of financing policy, a full description of any policy deviation in any organization and appropriate recommendations and conclusions for financial management)

Instructions for writing assignments: 1. The sources required to make the four from the given textbook should be mentioned. 2. The category of modernization and day-to-day operating income sources needs to be presented separately Class 9 Finance And Banking Assignment 9th Week.

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Following the above case study, a sample answer of your ninth week of Finance and Banking Second Assignment has been prepared. You can view the answer by clicking the View Answer button below.

Class 9 Finance And Banking Assignment 9th Week Answer

Below is a selected sample answer for you by following the instruction writing instructions and case study described in the ninth and ninth-week finance and banking subject assignments. Next, complete your Finance and Banking second-week assignment in the light of the following article and share it with your friends for your convenience. Class 9 Finance And Banking Assignment 9th Week.

Answer to Finance and Banking 2nd Assignment

Introduction: With the development of science and technology, the scope of business activities is increasing day by day. The process of gaining this idea is called financing.

Explanation of the principle of financing

The technical financing principles are explained below-

Liquidity vs. Profit Policy: A business accessory often thinks of all the brothers and keeps the profit share of the business to itself, and the part that holds the profit to itself is the liquidity policy. Again, depositing in the bank will increase the profit. If you keep more cash with you, the profit will decrease. Again, if you invest more to increase the profit, there will be a liquidity deficit. Maintaining the above balance between liquidity and profit is one of the principles of financing.

Principle of suitability: A policy of financing an organization to provide working capital with short-term funds and fixed capital with long-term funds. If any organization struggles to make the right decision, it becomes impossible for the organization to survive. Therefore, the principle of suitability plays a very important role in the management of the organization.

Business Diversification and Risk Allocation: Every business seeks to profit by focusing on uncertain risk factors. As a result, the trader has to face various risks. For example, natural disasters are the risk of similar products in the business due to sudden accidents. So the trader has to distribute the threat by collecting more than one product. It is possible to achieve the expected profit even in uncertain market conditions by following risk-sharing policy.

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