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Class 10 Assignment 2021 for SSC Exam 2022 Best PDF Free

Dear Students of Class 10! Your Class 10 Assignment 2021 for SSC Exam 2022 Best PDF Free is ready to download. According to Short Syllabus of 2022 SSC Examination for Students Studying 10th Class in 2021 Academic Year, Weekly Assignment PDF and Selected Sample Answers. Class 10 Assignment 2021 of SSC exam 2022 is being published for you. The National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) has prepared a 25-week task following the SSC 2022 syllabus for assessment.

Authority will publish the weekly assignments prepared following the short syllabus of the SSC examination on the Department of Secondary and Higher Education website and the website of Bangla In the SSC examination of 2022, the assignments or assigned work of various subjects of the present class ten science, humanities, and business education have already been prepared.

As in other classes, in the 2021 academic year, the current level 10 will follow the prescribed rules. After completing the weekly assignment, they will submit the relevant subject to the teacher. Teachers will evaluate the students’ works every week following the assignment assessment instructions of the class ten students and save the necessary information.

Class 10 Assignment 2021

The publication of weekly Class 10 Assignment 2021 for students who wish to participate in the SSC examination of 2022 stars from 14 June 2021. Following the routine of publishing 10th class assignments, the Department of Secondary and Higher Education will post its terms twice a week.

You can find weekly assignments for Class X prepared by NCTB on the official website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education and the website of and Android software.

SSC 2022 Assignment Circular by DSHE

By following restructured syllabus for SSC candidates for 2022, a circular regarding assessment instructions, grid, and submission of 1st-week assignment said-

Covid-19 due to overdose 18/03/2020. Class activities of all educational institutions of the country have been closed since the date. As a result, the class 10 students of the 2021 academic year could not participate in the normal class activities as per the prescribed syllabus.

Class 10 Assignment 2021 for SSC Exam 2022 Best PDF Free
Circular by DSHE

However, to continue the students’ learning process, Sangsad Bangladesh Television is continuously broadcasting class activities, and the educational institutions are conducting online classes on their initiative.

Besides, assignment activities are going on from class 6 to 9 from 2021 under the direction of the Ministry of Education. The National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) has rearranged the syllabus for the 2022 SSC examinations.

The NCTB has prepared Rubik’s Assignment with Subject-Based Assessment Guidelines to involve students in learning activities and bring them under continuous assessment based on the restructured syllabus as directed by the Ministry of Education.

Teachers will evaluate the learning outcomes achieved through assignments or assignments. Lessons or assignments are formulated based on the rearranged curriculum, considering what the student will be assessed in a given week.

14/07/2021 AD Assignment activities will start as per the grid from the date. They will be given in assignments on Mausi’s website at the beginning of each week in phases. Students will complete their tasks or chores at the end of the week and submit them to the educational institution (directly / online).

Instructions regarding Class 10 Assignment 2021 of SSC Exam 2022

1. 10/03/2021 by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education. Memorandum No. 37.02.0000. dated must follow the instructions of the notification issued for Class 10 Assignment 2021;

2. Teachers, students, and parents need to follow hygiene rules and ensure health protection. In the areas of the country under strict lockdown/prohibition due to Covid-19 overdose, the concerned secondary education officials will coordinate with the local district / Upazila administration and take practical steps in consultation; with the heads of the institutions. Students should not neglect the guidelines for hygiene in any way;

3. Assignments submitted by the student should be evaluated and stored in the institution as per the following table;

4. Name of educational institution, EIIN and address group, class branch, and subject order. Rails, student name, assignment number, date of acceptance, date of birth, score obtained (according to Rubrics), etc.

5. In this activity, care should be taken so that the student does not face any unethical pressure; In this case, if any allegation is found against any person or organization, it is necessary to take prompt action according to the rules;

6. Subject-based teachers will evaluate the assignments, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students, and suggest improvements to the weakest parts.

Class 10 Assignment 2021

As per the routine of publishing 25-week assignments for class X students prepared by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, they will be published every week. We will update this post as soon as the Class 10 Assignment 2021 for every week will published.

Also, to get all the updates related to the assignment, download the Android app of BanglaNotice on your mobile and like and follow the Facebook page.

Participation in the SSC examination of 2022, which is being conducted in class 10 of government and private secondary schools, has been prepared for the candidates. Assignments have been designed for 22 subjects, including the total required and departmental topics.

Class 10 Assignment 2021 1st Week

As a first-week assignment for the humanities, business education, and science departments studying in class 10 of the 2021 academic year, the prescribed work of Bangla’s first paper and mathematics has been given.

An Class 10 Assignment 2021 has been given on understanding people’s emotions with special needs and determining the role of family and society towards them following the Subha story of class 10 Bangla first letter subject code 101.

An assignment has been fixed for SSC 2022 candidates with Bangla’s first paper in the first week of class 10. Candidates will complete the work of the Mathematics subject with Bangla and at the same time submit the related issue to the teacher.

Assignments for the first week of class 10 are also given to you, along with PDF and sample answers. Click on the PDF download button to view the assignments for the first week of Class X.

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