HSP-MIS is one of the best e-payment systems in Bangladesh. The biggest advantage of this is that the money goes directly to the recipient’s account and once the data is digitized, it takes very little time to send money to students or beneficiaries or there is no complication.

There is also a guarantee of receiving the money. If someone does not receive the money for any reason, it is known through the EFT RETURN information of Bangladesh Bank, and the money is sent back to the account of the student or the beneficiary by processing the information. There is a system of safety monitoring.

For the first time in the financial year 2019-20, an initiative has been taken to send money to the scholarship students in the G2P system. SoftDows.com here to support you with the HSP-MIS portal.

SoftDows support team always works with you for helping your entry data, finding reports, and solving any errors.

Please stay with us and get actual information about the HSP-MIS portal in Bangladesh.

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