Best Way to Login & registration on teachers gov bd – Shikkhak Batayon


Teacher Portal called Shikkhak Batayon is the only online web portal platform created for teachers through which teachers can upload and download useful content, pictures, videos created by them.

Table of Content:

  • Ways to login to website and Shikkhok Batayon Apps.
  • Account Registration Process on Shikkhok Batayon.
  • Teachers Portal Profile Edit.
  • My Page on Teachers Gov BD
  • Profile Page at
  • See and Download Multimedia Content from Shikkhak Batayon Website.
  • Weekly Best Content Developer on Teachers Batayon
  • Top inventor feature and How to get.
  • Top Leader Award feature and How to Archive.
  • Ambaseddorship program on web portal.
  • Model Contents, Weekly Highlights, This day, Khola Janala Blog, Khobordar Breaking News, Archive, Publication, and Magazine Feature on teachers gov bd.
  • Download Shikkhok Batayon Android Apps.

Ways to login to website and Shikkhok Batayon Apps.

To login just open your internet browser and type and press enter or Just click on the link Below.

Teachers usually express their thoughts and ideas in blogs and news sections.

In the development of innovative culture in education, teachers can upload stories of new innovations to take modern and quality education from the city to the village level.

Institution heads and assistant heads will also be able to upload leadership stories (stories of change) to develop leadership and implement future education.

Account Registration Process on Shikkhok Batayon

To create your profile on the website just type URL or just click the button below.

When the User Login form Open in your web browser put your email or user name and password which you submit time of registration.

If you forget your teachers portal website just follow the instruction below.

How to recover Shikkhak Batayon Website?

Click on Do you forget your password? Button and submit your teacher’s portal email to recovers the Shikkhok Batayon Website and click on Send OTP Button.

An OTP – Onetime password for recover your account will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Your Password Reset Key is: 694058

Put this code in Verification Code Box and Type your Expected password on New Password Box. Click on submit by filling Re Enter Password.

Then your password changed successfully pop message will display and you become eligible to login with the new password.

Account Registration Process on Shikkhok Batayon:

To register as a new user of Teachers Gov Bd website click on Nibondhon Korun – Register Now Button. and Type required information and submit.

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