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Best Way to login emis.gov.bd – Best Uses of Modules and Reports

EDUCATION MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (EMIS) www.emis.gov.bd under Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is one of the most useful web portals for educational institutes in Bangladesh. Teachers and staff who works in Secondary level institute and offices under Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education often need to login emis.gov.bd and need to do much important work. Now we will learn the Best Way to login to emis.gov.bd – User Manuals and Reports.

Table of content:

  • Basic information about emis.gov.bd
  • Best methods of login to emis.gov.bd
  • Introduction of Modules and Their uses.
  • Way to get the password to login modules.
  • What to do if you forget your password.
  • How to download User Manuals.
  • Helpline information of emis.gov.bd web portal.

Basic information about emis.gov.bd:

emis.gov.bd is the most uses web portal for teachers and staff of the secondary level institute and DSHE offices. Every year Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) makes an annual survey and many education-related tasks via https://emis.gov.bd website.

In the emis gov bd has many modules like Human Resource Management – HRM, Institute Profile IMS, Online application and payment process MPO, TMIS – Training Management Information System, PBM – Performance-Based Management, IMES – Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System. ASM – Academic Supervision System Module, TCS – Teacher Competency Standard, MCS – Message Communication System, and DAS – Document Archiving System.

Every module has a very important task and implements by DSHE step by step.

Best methods of login to emis.gov.bd

To do your task in any module in emis-gov-bd you need to login first. You just need to type https://emis.gov.bd or just click here to log in to emis portal. or you may click the alternative login options from the button below.

For doing your task on EMIS Portal you need to login first. and for login, you need a password related module. Continue reading to know how to get your password.

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