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BANBEIS eSurvey Submission Process and Instruction 2020

Every year educational institutes in Bangladesh upper primary level have to submit e-Survey under the Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics (BANBEIS) by following BANBEIS eSurvey Submission Process and BANBEIS Survey form. 

Submitting survey dependable and update the information of educational institutes is very important to plan for the right decision in the educational sector.

Taking the right decision and planning for implementing the SDG-4 project in Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics (BANBEIS) organize e-Survey via online software.

BANBEIS takes a decision and opens an online e-Survey portal from 15 October to 30 October 2020.

By this time educational institutes should submit their information by following the instructions of BANBEIS. 

Instructions for Submitting Education Institute Annual Survey 2020 (e-Survey)

Education management and education-related planning BANBEIS every year organizes an annual education survey. You have to submit data according to BANBEIS eSurvey Submission Process

For implementing SDG 4 and education progress education-related planning implementation and other educational planning institutes should upgrade their information via the BANBEIS e-Survey portal. 

Submit your information should follow the rules and guidelines of BANBEIS e-survey manual 2020 and BANBEIS eSurvey Submission Process and BANBEIS Survey form. 

Preparation for submitting e-Survey:

Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics (BANBEIS) have a unique guideline to submit a survey and a survey calendar for or educational institution.

You should download a category-based survey form for every institute and fill up all information in this form before submitting it to the online e-Survey portal.

Online survey preparation form download-

Click the button below for downloading your institutes as survey preparation form by category.

Click below to download the Annual Survey Form: 

After downloading the form you should fill up this form by collecting your educational institute’s information.

E-survey submission:

For submitting BANBEIS annual education survey 2020 you should go to this link or go to BANBEIS website.

After going to BANBEIS website you should click on Survey Server by clicking Education Survey 2020 in BANBEIS website.

You should click here for the main server and click here for an alternative server for submitting Education Survey 2020 for your institute.

1. e-Survey portal login:

by clicking here or going to BANBEIS website you got a server software login form. In the server login form you have to put USER ID and password to login to the survey portal. You may use your Institutes EIIN No as your user id and password 532688.

For a stay signed In should click on the stay sign-in checkbox and click sign in button.

After successfully logged in you will get a dashboard where you got basic information or instruction for Online Survey 2020. 

They have three instruction for you-

You have to click on the submit to BANBEIS button for submitting all information to BANBEIS e-Survey portal otherwise you are considered to be unsubmitted. 

Below the screen section, you have an option to upload a photo of the present situation of your school by choosing to choose the file and upload it.

2. Submitting survey information:

for submitting your educational institutes is survey information you have to click a first red color instruction named click here to submit educational survey 2020.

When you click there you entered the first page of the educational survey online portal.

On the first page, you should put basic information about your school. Many information in this space will be loaded from your previous information.

You just need to update this information or somewhere you should enter new information.

After updating or new submitting information you should click save and go forward below the form. Or you can go back and cancel your entry.

When you click on save and go forward you will get message information successfully saved.

For returning the previous page you can click the previous page or for the next page, you can click on next page button. Or you can click to see all information by clicking click here to see all the information buttons.

When you click the next page you will log in to the second page.

Section-2: Physical facilities information about institutes.

On this page, you have to put your institute’s building lands and other facilities information. After submitting all information you should click on save and go forward.

There is 11 section in this survey you have to fill up. Just click save and go forward after submitting your required data, 

Once, you will reach the last page of this survey and have to submit finally to BANBEIS. You will get an observation of your submitted data in the Information submission summary (last page). 

After full-fill the observation area you got a final submit button and print button.

If there are no errors you can submit finally your Data or you have the message in the observation area to correct your information.

There is Some mandatory information you have to submit this year. Otherwise, your data won’t be saved in the e-Survey portal. 

Mandatory fields on BANBEIS Survey form are-

On the first page, the mandatory fields have to fill-up:

  • Institutes Name in Bangla : (In section 1.1)
  • Main mobile number of your institute and alternative mobile number : (In section 1.2)
  • Geographical location: (In section 1.14)
  • In which area of the organization : (In section 1.14.1)

On the last page, the Teachers/Employee information page there is some new and mandatory items BANBEIS Survey form that has to be submitted.

  • Teachers/Employee name in capital letter. 
  • Gander
  • Teachers/Employees NID no. 
  • Religion
  • Designation
  • Type of Teachers/Employee
  • Appointment Types
  • Mobile Number and Mobile Banking Number

Teachers/Employee should open Mobile Banking Account and have to submit on BANBEIS e-Survey portal. 

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