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Assignment and Guideline 2021 for Students, Teachers, Guardians Free PDF

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has published the Assignment and Guideline 2021 for the 6th to 9th class in the 2021 academic year. On 10 March 2021, the Department of Secondary and Higher Education published the Assignment Assessment Guidelines for the 6th to 9th class in the 2021 academic year with a view to evaluating the students studying in the lower secondary and secondary schools of the 2021 academic year. Assignment, Instruction and Guideline 2021 for Students, Teachers, Guardians, and Officers. Assignment and Guideline 2021.

Assignment and Guideline 2021

Assignment and Guideline 2021 in the light of the restructured syllabus of class VI to IX.

Covid-19 due to overdose 18/03/2020 AD. Class activities of all educational institutions of the country have been closed since the date.

As a result, the curriculum activities scheduled for the 2021 academic year have not started at the beginning of the year. Assignment and Guideline 2021

For this reason, in order to continue the learning process of the students by rearranging the curriculum and syllabus, arrangements have been made for continuous assessment through assignment or assigned work in the 2021 academic year like last year. Assignment and Guideline 2021 for Students, Teachers, Guardians.

Necessary action will be taken later on by identifying the strengths or weaknesses of the learning results achieved by the students through this assessment.

Download The 21 Week Assignment 2021 for Class 6, 7, 8, and 9 With Sample Answer completely free. 

The learning outcomes achieved through assignments or assignments will be evaluated. Assignments or assignments are made based on the rearranged curriculum and what the student will be assessed in which week.

Assignments or assignments will be given on Mausi’s website two days before the start of each week and at the end of the week, students will complete their assignments or assignments and submit them to the educational institution (directly / online) to receive new assignments.

Assignment and Guideline 2021 for Students, Teachers, Guardians

See the class-wise 21 weeks Assignment and Evaluation Below-

Weekly Assignment for Class 6 to 9 for 2021

Assignment and Guideline 2021 Instructions for District Education Officer / Upazila Secondary Education Officers:

  • 1. Ensure that each organization conducts activities in accordance with social distance and hygiene rules;
  • 2. This assessment should be implemented in every organization from March 20, 2021;
  • 3. Ensure the accuracy and reliability of student assessments through assignments or assigned assignments;
  • 4. At the end of the assessment, it is necessary to identify the weak points of the students and monitor whether the teachers are making specific comments;
  • 5. Ensure the preservation of class and subject-based assessment records of each organization;
  • 6. In this activity, care should be taken so that the student does not face unethical pressure on the ears;
  • 7. If there is a need for clarification in this regard, it is necessary to cooperate;
  • 8. Assignments scheduled by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education on a weekly basis from 20 March 2021 or Ensure that students are not given any other type of exams or homework other than scheduled work;
  • 9. The head of the institution is sure to reach out to the parents and students regarding these assessment instructions Have to.

Heads of Institutions Assignment and Guideline 2021:

  • 1. Above all, teachers, students, and parents need to follow hygiene rules and ensure health protection;
  • 2. To ensure the participation of all subject teachers and other teachers and staff in the student assessment activities Will;
  • 3. Education officials of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, regional, district, and Upazila level Students will monitor the assignment or assignment process to verify effectiveness and effectiveness. That is why these must be properly preserved;
  • 4. We have to make sure that the student does not face any unethical pressure. Local education officials can be contacted where necessary;
  • 5. Weekly assignment and submission of assignments should start from March 20, 2021;
  • 6. In case of assignment or scheduled work, the provided grid (published on the website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education) should be followed;
  • 7. Assignments or assigned work deposit boxes can be arranged as needed to maintain social distance;
  • 8. Submit class assignments or assignments on specific days and times to maintain social distance The work must be delivered;
  • 9. If you submit an assignment or assignment by copying from Nate, Guide, Online, or other text, you will have to cancel it and re-submit the assignment or assignment;
  • 10. From March 20, 2021, it is important to ensure that students are not given any other type of examination or homework other than the assignments or assignments prescribed by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education on a weekly basis;
  • 11. These instructions need to be made available to teachers, parents and students.

Assignment and Guideline 2021 for Teachers:

  • 1. Assignments or scheduled assignments per week where applicable (on the website by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education) Published must pay;
  • 2. Submitting, evaluating, evaluating the proposed assignments or assigned assignments of the prescribed topics
  • Students need to complete the work of showing and storing in the institution on time;
  • 3. Ensure that every student participates in these activities;
  • 4. Each educational institution must properly maintain all assessment records;
  • 5. Explanatory questions under the assignment or assigned task, writing articles, essays, paragraphs following instructions, Includes Literary Review, Case Study, Project, Examination, Summary, Summary Writing, Model, Chart, Pastor Creation, Photo Drawing, Report Preparation, etc. These must be evaluated in accordance with the Rubrics, the assessment guidelines prescribed for certain types of assignments;
  • 6. Students must ensure that assignments or assigned tasks are handwritten on white paper;
  • 7. The parent or his / her representative will collect and submit the assignment from the educational institution one day per week following the hygiene rules;
  • 8. The teacher will pay special attention to whether the student’s writing reflects his basic thoughts, imagination and creativity;
  • 9. The answers given should be consistent with the required information, theories, concepts, formulas, explanations, etc. in the textbook;
  • 10. Each student should evaluate each assignment or assignment of each subject and mark his / her strengths/weaknesses in the notebook and record his / her comments in such a way that the student can identify his / her strengths/weaknesses Clearly understands;
  • 11. After the assessment, the teacher will arrange to show the students the assignment or assigned work with arrow feedback. And return it at the end of a certain period of time and save it in the organization;
  • 12. The teacher is very good, excellent, good, and based on the overall evaluation of an assignment or assigned work.
  • Progress needs to make such comments. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items:

Assignment Assessment Criteria 2021 for Teachers Assignment and Guideline 2021

A. Very good

  • 1. The content is accurate and consistent
  • 2. Information, theories, concepts, formulas etc. are fully compatible with the textbook
  • 3. There is a noticeable level of individuality and creativity in the writing

B. Good

  • 1. In most cases the content is accurate and consistent
  • 2. Data, theories, ideas, formulas, etc. are in most cases consistent with the textbook
  • 3. Partial individuality and creativity in writing

C. Good

  • 1. Lack of consistency despite the accuracy of the content
  • 2. In writing, information, theories, ideas, formulas, etc. are partially consistent
  • 3. A little bit of individuality and creativity in writing

Progress required in Assignment and Guideline 2021:

  • 1. Lack of accuracy and consistency of content;
  • 2. Lack of consistency of information, theories, ideas, formulas etc. in writing
  • 3. The pioneer who lacks individuality and creativity in writing

Advice to parents in Assignment and Guideline 2021:

  • 1. Encourage students to follow hygiene rules;
  • 2. The process of evaluating students’ assignments or assigned tasks verifies their learning achievement and in what cases
  • Determining what they lack. So to ensure that the student himself participates in this activity;
  • 3. Encourage students to participate actively to enhance their comprehension and creativity;
  • 4. Make sure that the student completes the assignment on time and submits it on time Make;
  • 5. Cancel submission of assignment or assignment in writing from the net, guide, online or another source.
  • So students should be encouraged to write like themselves.

Instructions for students Assignment and Guideline 2021:

  • 1. The main purpose is to achieve the learning outcomes of the students. So it is important to consider the following;
  • 2. Use of NCTB Prepared and Published 2021 Academic Textbooks for Assignment If you do;
  • 3. The student’s individuality, individuality, and creativity will be verified in the assessment. Therefore, if you submit an assignment or assigned work by looking at the writings of Nate, guide, or others, it will be canceled and you will have to prepare and submit that assignment or assigned work again;
  • 4. Assignments or assigned tasks should be written by hand. It will be a matter of handwriting practice It will also be helpful to understand;
  • 5. When writing assignments or assignments, use only the corner of the paper. On the 1st page of the assignment, the name of the student, class, ID, subject, and title of the assignment or assigned work should be clearly written.

Grids and assignments will be published on Mausi’s website on a weekly basis and sent to the District Education Officer’s e-mail.

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