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Apply for New Birth Certificate via bdris gov bd and Download PDF is a brand new Online Birth Certificate Registration Website for Bangladeshi Nationals. By Visiting Bdris gov bd you can apply for a new Birth Certificate and Others Task related to Birth Certificates. Here is the Online Birth Certificate Registration Process and How to apply new Birth Certificate via Apply for New Birth Certificate via Bdris gov bd Authentic Link and Documents.

A birth certificate is now an important identification for Bangladeshi nationals. Everyone collects online birth certificates from birth registration portals. Online birth certificates are most essential for Bangladeshi. 

The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh  gives Peoples to apply for birth certificate websites.

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Authentic URLs to Apply New Birth Certificate online

There are many websites for Birth Certificate Registration online. Visitor and service seeker often got confused where and how they should apply for new birth certificate.

By the way Government also changed Birth Certificate registration websites several times. Now the brand new and genuine Website for Birth Registration for Bangladeshi citizen is

If you want to apply for new birth certificate online just click on the link below or type on your web browser.

Documents need to apply for New Birth Certificate Bangladesh

When you apply for new Birth Certificate Online you need some urgent documents to prove right of your application. Here is the urgent documents for Apply New Birth Certificate Online via Attached Documents for Birth Certificate depend on the applicant age.

Required Documents for birth application If the age is 0 to 45 days.

If you select date of birth below 45 days, The following documents are required to complete the birth registration application.

  • 1. EPI (Tika) Card.
  • 2. Parents online Birth Certificate and National ID Cards.
  • 3. Home holding number and receipt of Chowkidari tax will be required.
  • 4. Mobile number of the applicant / guardian.
  • 5. A Copy of passport size color photo.

Required Documents for birth application If the age is 48 days to 5 years.

If you select date of birth age is 48 days to 5 years. The following documents are required to complete the birth registration application.

  • 1. EPI (Ticker) Card / Certificate of Health Worker should be given on the pad with signature and seal.
  • 2. Parents online Birth Certificate and National ID Cards.
  • 3. Educational Institute Heads Prottoyon Certificate (If required). (The school will need the required documents for certification, including the certification of the headmaster.)
  • 4. Receipt of house holding number and watchman tax will be required.
  • 5. Mobile number of the applicant / guardian.
  • 6. 01 copy of color passport size photo.

Required Documents for birth application If If the age is more than 5 years.

If the age is more than 5 years. The following documents are required to complete the birth registration application.

  • 1. Certificate of Educational Qualification (PSC / JSC / S, S, C) If there is no certificate of educational qualification, the signature and seal of the MBBS doctor of the government hospital along with the certificate of certification and the signature and seal of column 1 of 08 (seven) of the birth registration application form are mandatory.
  • 2. The national identity card along with the online birth registration of the parents is mandatory. It is for those who born after 01/01/2001.
  • 3. National Identity card is mandatory for those born before 01/01/2001.
  • 4. Death Certificate of Parents is mandatory if the parents are dead before 01/01/2001.
  • 5. Whose parents died after 01/01/2001, must first submit the online birth registration certificate. After receiving the online birth registration certificate have submitted the death certificate. And should upload both along with the application form.
  • 6. Receipt of householding number and watchman tax will be required.
  • 7. Mobile number of the applicant/guardian.
  • 8. 01 copy of color passport size photo will be required with the form.
  • 9. Document letter attached with the application signed by the headmaster / UP member / UP member of the government school is mandatory.
  • 10. Documents attached to the application must be submitted at the time of submission of the application.

Applications are not acceptable without the above required documents.

Online Application process on

When you collect all of the documents mentioned above specific types of applications just sit In front of your computer and Open an Internet browser. These can be Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or any other internet browser. We recommend you use chrome.

Just Type and hit on enter on your keyboard. or Click on the Button Bellow.

Application for New Birth Registration

If everything is ok you will see a homepage of on your browser like below. home page and New Application Page, Apply for New Birth Certificate via bdris gov bd and Download PDF
Home page of

New Birth Registration Application will open. You need will see the Basic instructions for the New Birth Certificate application on a box after the Birth Registration form name.

  • For the registrar’s office, you have to go through the steps of your place of birth or permanent address, department, district, etc., and select the ward.
  • After filling the online birth registration application form first in Bengali (Unicode) and later in English, edit it as required and click on the Save button.
  • Clicking on the save button will transfer the application form to the concerned registrar’s office, the applicant will have no chance to make any further correction.
  • Then in the next step, you will get a printed copy of the application form by clicking on the print button.
  • Contact the Registrar’s Office with the attested copy of the required certificate if applicable by collecting the certification mentioned in the said application form within 15 days for the certificate.

Step-1: Select the office based on your location for collecting your birth certificate

You have to select where you want to collect your Birth Certificate. There is three option- 1. Birthplace, 2. Permanent Address, 3. Present Address

If you want to do Birth Registration Application in Bangladesh Embassy, then click on check box before the option. Otherwise ignore it.

By select on radio button desired location click on Next Button.

Online Application process on

Step-2: You have fill up required information of Applicant Birth Registration Certificate.

Introduction of Registered Person:
  • First Name in Bangla and Last Name in Bangla: (These two box are mandatory and you have to put data in Unicode Bangla Fonts)
  • First Name in English and Last Name in English: (These are mandatory filed and you have to put according to your EPI Card. Try to spell this letter correctly otherwise you fall in difficulties in future)
  • Birth Date: You have to select actual birth date of applicant. When you select or type birth date a dialogue box will open. It will show  how many and which documents needs to upload with your application. Attachment Availability Check Message:
Attachment Availability Check Message: 

The message will different according to date of birth you submit. If you have document click on I have These documentsif not click on I do not have these documents or Close button. 

Gender, Birth Address(Bengali), Country, Division, Post Office In Bangla, Post Office In English, Village / Area / Town, Village / Area / Town (English), House and Road ( Name, Number), House and Road (Name, Number) (English).

After Filling these information’s click on next button.

Step-03: Parents Information (Fathers and Mothers Information Submit)

In this step you have to put,

  • Father’s Birth Registration Number, Father’s Name in Bangla, Father’s Name in English, Father’s National Identity Number, Father’s Nationality
  • Mother’s Birth Registration Number, Mother’s Name in Bangla, Mother’s Name in English, Mother’s National Identity Number, Mother’s Nationality

Click on next button when you finished to put parents Data.

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