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Alim 2022 Assignment 1st Week Assignment Bangla, Civics, Economics, Physics Best PDF

Dear Students of Alim 2022, Alim 2022 Assignment 1st Week Assignment Bangla, Civics, Economics, Physics has published for you. In 2021, the Directorate of Madrasa Education has decided to evaluate the students studying in class 12 of Alim Madrasa through the assignment of the candidates who are willing to participate in the Alim Examination 2022. According to this decision, the first week of Alim 2022 Assignment Bangla, Politics, Economics, and Physics, was published.

In the first week, assignments of four subjects have been scheduled for the students studying at the Alim level of the Madrasa. The Assignment on Bengali, Physics, Politics, and Economics was published on the Department of Madrasa Education website on 08 June 2021.

Alim 2022 Assignment

Madrasha Education Board has published a circular regarding submitting assignments prepared for the students participating in the Alim Examination 2022, asking for the student parents’ information and all concerned.

Due to the ongoing Covid 19 overcrowding, students could not be directly involved in the classroom activities of the educational institution right now. In the meantime, the syllabus of Alim Examination 2022 has been rearranged by NCTB.

To fully involve the students in the learning activities and bring them under continuous assessment, the National Curriculum and Textbooks have been prepared by Baird based on the reorganized syllabus.

In the first stage, in 6 subjects (Bengali, English, Physics, Accounting, Politics, Economics and Logic) Assignment including Rubrix and Softcopy and Hardcopy Grid of Week Based Assignment Grid.

Authority gave an assignment for Alim first week of 2022 for the examinees to the readers of Bangla in separate PDFs. To download the work of the desired subject in PDF format, click on the PDF download button, and You will download it automatically.

Also, to get assignments every week, download the Android app of Bangla Notice and like and follow the YouTube channel Facebook page.

Alim 2022 Assignment 1st Week Bangla

The first-week assignment of Bangla First Paper for the students participating in the Alim Examination of 2022 has been scheduled from the strange story of Bangla Compulsory Textbook.

Students studying in the Alim XII class of Madrasa at the higher secondary level will complete the assignment after studying the short syllabus of the Bangla textbook. Alim Bangla First Letter Assignment No. 20 has been given in the first week.

Examiners will complete the first assignment of Bangla’s first paper following the prescribed instructions and assessment Rubix and submit the relevant subject to the teacher.

Alim 2022 Assignment 1st Week Bangla

DME gave the first-week assignment of Bangla’s first paper of Alim examinees to you. If you want, you can download the assignment PDF and read it directly from here.

Assignment: Identifying the supportive role of women in moving forward based on ‘unfamiliar’ stories and real-life examples;

Instructions (signal/step/circumference):

  1. Following the story of ‘Stranger’ signifies Kalyani’s crisis and her determination to get out of it.
  2. A description of what Kalyani’s life would have been like if the role of Anupam and others had been positive.
  3. Identify the obstacles in the way of women moving forward from the real experience.
  4. Identify the supporting roles of women in moving forward in terms of stories read and known/known events.
  5. Proper wording, syntax, spelling, punctuation.

Alim 2022 Assignment 1st Week Physics

The first assignment has been fixed in light of the short syllabus in the first week from the Physics textbook of the students studying in Madrasa XII of Alim Examination 2022. Students will complete the first week’s assignment in Physics following the instructions in the light of the learning outcomes and content.

Alim 2022 Assignment 1st Week Physics

Assignment: You throw a 400 gm cricket ball upright at a speed of 20 ms-1.

(A) Draw the velocity name time graph of the ball.

(B) What is the velocity of the ball at the highest point in motion.

(C) What is the acceleration at that point?

(D) What is the matted ball working on the cricket ball there?

(E) The mass of 1.5 kg in Fig-1 is stationary on a table. Another mass of 2 kg is welded with a non-extensible yarn. The coefficient of friction between the table and the mass of 1.5 kg is 0.2

(1) What is the acceleration of the two brothers? If the yarn is not non-extensible, what is the change in your answer? (2) What is the tension of the yarn? (3) Draw a graph of mass vs. time shift of 2 kg?

Learning Outcome: 1. Can analyze location time and velocity-time charts. 2. Be able to explain the formula of falling objects. 3. Be able to explain the spontaneous retention of the ball.

Assignment Writing Instruction: Kinetics and Newtonian Mechanics;

Alim 2022 Assignment 1st Week Civics and good governance

The first-week assignment has been scheduled for Alim 2022 candidates from the first paper of Politics and Good Governance. Students will complete the selection after studying the first chapter of the policy and good governance textbook, Introduction to Politics and Good Governance.

Assignment Number: 1, (Chapter 1: Introduction to Politics and Good Governance),

Learning results of the assignment: 1. Can describe the concept of politics, and II. Be able to tell the evolution of politics and good governance.

Assignment: Write an article analyzing the concept of politics and good governance in the evolution of civic civilization.

Instructions/signals: 1. The concept and scope of politics and good governance, II. Characteristics of good governance and 3. Development of good governance;

Alim 2022 Assignment 1st Week Economics

Assignment No. 20 has been fixed for the first week from the first letter of the Economics textbook for the students studying in Madrasa Alim Class XII. Students will complete the first letter of Economics within the first week following the instruction code and assessment instructions mentioned in the assignment and submit it along with other subjects.

Below is the first week’s assignment pdf and reading for you about the first letter of Alim Economics.

Assignment: The following alternative possibilities of paddy and wheat production have been pursued on a piece of land belonging to Mr. Salamat, a farmer in the Haor area.

For example, when paddy production is 16, 10, and 0 manas, the production is 0, 10, and 18 manas. Analyze the economic significance of the production potential line in the light of the information obtained.

Learning Outcomes and Content: (Chapter 1: Basic Economy Problems and Solutions)

  1. Drawing the possibility of production; 3. Identification of fundamental economic problems in terms of electoral issues; Be able to determine the similarities and differences between different economies in solving real economic problems;

Alim 2022 Assignment 1st Week PDF Download

Assignments for the first week of the Alim 2022 exam are given to you in PDF format separately and together. You can download Alim 2022 first-week assignment by clicking on the download PDF button below.

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