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9th Week Assignment 2021 For Class 7 Bangla And Science With Best Answer

Hey 7th Class Student! Your 9th week assignment 2021 The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has published Assignment Bangla and Science for 7th class and 9th week to evaluate the students as the educational institution is closed due to Kovid-19. On June 26, 2021, the official website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education and Bangla published the assignments of the 6th to 9th class, the 9th week of the 2021 academic year.

This week’s seventh-grade students have been given assignments in Bangla (Saptavarna) and Science subjects. In the ninth week, the third assignment of the sixth grade Bangla subject and the second assignment of the science subject were given.

Earlier, on June 23, the 8th-week assignment of the 7th class was published in English and Arts and Crafts.

9th week assignment 2021 for Class 7

Educational institutions have been closed since last March due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country. As in 2020, a series of assignments are being published to assess seventh-grade students in 2021.

Bangla First Paper and Assignment from Science subject to the students of 7th class 2021 academic year studying in lower secondary and secondary educational institutions under the Department of Secondary and Higher Education were given to the readers of Bangla

Below is various information to solve the seventh-week ninth-grade thematic assignments and assignments.

Following these, the students will complete the Bangla and Science subjects assignment in the ninth week of seventh grade and submit the relevant topic to the teacher within the stipulated time.

9th week assignment 2021 for Class 7 Bangla

This is the third Bangla (Saptavarna) textbook assignment in a series of seventh-grade assignments prepared by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board NCTB.

Earlier, the first assignment of Bangla subject of 7th class students was evaluated rationally: The following part was written in Sadhuriti showing the right reason, and its rationale was published with the 1st-week assignment of 8th class of 2021.

And with the 8th class 5th week assignment 2021, the second assignment on Bengali subject has published the contribution of different working people of the society and the strategy to evaluate them.

Following the publication of all the seventh-grade assignments, the details of the third assignment of the Bangla Saptavarna textbook scheduled for the ninth week for the readers of are mentioned.

9th week assignment 2021 for class 7
class 7 bangla

Class VII, Subject: Bangla (সপ্তবর্ণা), Assignment No: 3

Chapters and Titles: Verses (Poems), Part Numbers and Contents Included in the Curriculum: My Home by Poet Jasim Uddin;

Assignment: Literary review

What arrangements and meals are mentioned in my home poem to entertain a friend? Write the similarities and differences of the present-day guest entertainment with the entertainment described in the poem in the light of your own family experience.

Assignment Writing Instructions: Write the textbook based on your own experience.

9th week assignment 2021 for Class 7 science

9th week assignment 2021 for Class 7 Bangla first paper assignment and science textbook have been given a scheduled task. Students will complete the second assignment after studying the cellular organization of plants and animals in the second chapter of the science textbook.

Earlier 9th week assignment 2021 for Class 7, the second assignment of the science textbook for the students in the fourth assignment of the seventh grade was to paint the walls of the house or the surrounding walls white and green, the cause of mild fever and diarrhea, and the importance of using hygienic toilets.

You can see the scheduled tasks by clicking on the topic above and see the sample answers immediately.

The details of the third assignment scheduled from the seventh-grade 9th week assignment 2021 for Class 7 science are mentioned in the picture below, and then more information is given.

9th week assignment 2021 for Class 7
Class 7 – Science

Class VII, Subject: Science, Assignment No. 2

Study and Title: Chapter Two, Cell Organization of Plants and Animals; Part Number and Content Included in the Curriculum: Lessons 1 and 2: Description of a Plant Cell, Lessons 3 to 5: Introduction to Cell Organs; Lessons 6 and 7: Characteristics and Functions of Plant Tissues; Lessons 8 and 10: Characteristics and Functions of Animal Tissues; Lesson-11: connective tissue;


  1. Draw and present the marked image of an animal cell and a plant cell.
  2. Please make a list of the muscles and involuntary muscles of the human body and write them down.
  3. Illustrate the cells of the animal body that can respond to stimuli and produce relevant reports.

Instructions for writing the assignment: 1. Students will learn to draw pictures of plant and animal cells in the poster book. 2. You will know that the major parts of the human body are made up of optional muscles and involuntary muscles. 3. The animal will get an idea about the nerve cells in the body.

9th week assignment 2021 for Class 7 Bangla and Science PDF Download

For the readers of, 9th week assignment 2021 for Class 7, the students studying in the seventh grade are given one page on two topics of the assignment for the third week of the 2021 academic year.

By clicking on the download PDF button below, you will download the seventh grade’s 9th week assignment 2021 for Class 7 Bangla and Science PDF on one page.

Also, by clicking on the View All Assignments for the 7th class, you will get all the assignments and sample answers for the 21st week of the 2021 academic year scheduled for the 7th class.

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