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6th Week Assignment For Class 6 to 9 Published PDF Download Now

6th Week Assignment For Class 6 to 9 Published PDF Download Now: 6th-week assignment for secondary level students class 6 to 9 in Bangladesh has been published 3rd December 2020. for evaluating secondary levels students from class 6 to class 9 in Bangladesh government has taken the decision to evaluate students by publishing assignments by the directorate of secondary and higher secondary education under the ministry of Bangladesh.
According to a continuous process, has been published a 6th-week assignment for class 6 to 9 students.

During the covid-19 for protecting students, all educational institute has been remaining closed. In this situation, it is not possible to take an annual examination for class 6 to class 9 students.

but the government of Bangladesh has taken the decision to promote students from class 6 2 to 9. But there will be no marking or no GP or no grading evaluation. Everybody will be the same result as class 6.

For this reason the ministry of Bangladesh 30 days short syllabus for secondary level students.

By continuous process on 3rd December, the 6th-week assignment for class 6 to class 9 students has been published.

Students and visitors get many errors when trying to download from the main government site where the assignment was published.

Sometimes it is connection reset or 503 or other error for overloading the site.

Here provides a 6th-week assignment PDF version for their readers and friends.

Just click the download button below and get a hi-resolution PDF file of the 6th assignment for class 6 to class 9.

Download 6th Assignments PDF Free

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