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4 Best Websites to Download HSC & Alim 2020 Results with Marksheet

The date of publication of the results of the HSC and Alim examination in 2020 has been announced;  4 Best Websites to Download HSC & Alim 2020 Results with Marksheet. The results of HSC and Alim examinations at the higher secondary level will be published at the end of December. Today I will tell you about the correct and effective method of viewing the results of HSC, Alim, and equivalent examinations of 2020 of 10 education boards of 2020 (Dhaka, Comilla, Chittagong, Dinajpur, Barisal, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Madrasa, and Technical). 4 Best Websites to Download HSC & Alim 2020 Results with Marksheet. 

By following this article, you will be able to know the 4 Best Websites to Download HSC & Alim 2020 Results with Marksheet. Today I will explain the method of HSC and Alim examination of 2020 for all the boards of higher secondary level in 04 easy ways.

Content table of the methods by which you can know the results of HSC and equivalent examination of 2020 through this article:

How to know the results of HSC, Alim, and equivalent examinations through SMS;

How to know the results of HSC and Alim and equivalent examinations through eboardresults.com/app;

how to get higher and equivalent results through educationboardresults.gov.bd/ web portal;

How to download HSC results of the organization through mail.educationboard.gov.bd;

How to view or download the results of HSC, Alim or equivalent examination through the website of the concerned Board of Education;

So let’s learn all the methods and become an expert in getting the results of HSC, Alim and equivalent examinations.

Method-01 for HSC & Alim – Equivalent Exam Result 2020 With Marksheet View

How to view HSC and Alim exam results via SMS:

You can easily know the results of the HSC and Alim exams of 2020 through mobile. For this, you need to go to the message option of your mobile and send an SMS to 16222 to follow the procedure given below.

Although Teletalk Limited provides test results through messages, the results of HSC and equivalent tests can be known by sending a message to 16222 from all the mobile operators of the country.

You will need your exam, roll, passing year, registration number to know the result (result) through SMS on mobile. Keep this information in front of your test and send the message from the message option of the mobile by following the procedure below;

Step 1: Enter the message option on your mobile.
Step 2: Type in the message box (the first three letters of the HSC board name; e.g. DHA or COM roll number next year) and send.
Format: HSC COM 364848 2020 and send to 16222. (In a while, the desired result will be announced via a reply SMS on your mobile)


See the first three letters of the board names:


In the above SMS system, you will only get a summary of the results. To get the details you have to take out the complete results from the website of the concerned Board of Education. The second method of this article will discuss the method of downloading the detailed results of all the boards.

HSC & Alim – Equivalent Exam Result 2020 With Marksheet View Method-02

Learn how to know the results of HSC & Alim and equivalent examinations at a higher level through eboardresults.gov.bd.

New website eboardresults.gov.bd to know the results of HSC and Alim examinations of education boards; This is a very good government web results publishing site for quick online HSC and Alim exam results.

Step-01: First enter this website http://eboardresults.com/app or click on HSC & ALIM 2020 Result button below;

HSC & Alim Exam Results via eboardresults.com/app

HSC & Alim Results Download

HSC & Alim Results Site-02

Clicking on any of the above links on your mobile or computer will open a portal as shown below. Here you can select your roll, side year and board and find out the result marksheet of all the boards of HSC and Alim examination along with marks in special cases.

From https://eboardresults.com/app you can see 06 types of results of all boards.

Details of Results Types:

Individual Result (Single): In this method you can know the detailed results of different HSC and Alim examination marksheets, numbers of only one student.

Institution Result: Through this you can find out the results of HSC, ALIM examination of all the candidates of any one institution. This requires the EIIN number provided by Banbase of your organization.

Center Result: Using this option, the results of all the institutions that have participated in the HSC examination can be known. Only the roll of the examinees and only the GPA will be mentioned here.

District Results: Here is a summary of the results of district based organizations.

The other two options are Institute Analytics and Board Analytics: these two methods can be used to review the institutional results and review the overall results of the board.

How to download marksheets and number sheets via https://eboardresults.com/app:

To download the detailed results of HSC and Alim Examination 2020 marksheet and number sheet, enter the website https://eboardresults.com/app or click on the button below;


A web portal as shown in the image below will be launched. Where you can find out the results of your high school exams by providing the necessary information.

https://eboardresults.com/app এর মাধ্যমে মার্কশীট ও নম্বরফর্দ ডাউনলোড করার পদ্ধতি

Follow the procedure below to download the result along with the marksheet and number from the web portal shown above:

  1. First, select your exam type HSC / ALIM / Equivalent from the Examination button;
  2. Then select the year 2020 of your exam from the Year button;
  3. Click on the Board box and select the name of the board under which you participated in the test; (Suppose I download a mark sheet from Comilla Board so I select Cumilla in the Board’s cell;
  1. In the Result Type box, select the type of result you want to get. (I want to see the mark sheet of an examinee so I chose the Individual option.
  2. Enter the roll number given on your exam admit card in the Exam Roll box;
    . Registration No (Optional) Enter your exam registration number in this box; If you just want to download the mark sheet, you can do so without entering the registration number. But if you want to download the mark sheet with the number, you have to give the registration number.

6. Security Code (4 digits): To download HSC and Alim exam result mark sheet, you need to provide a captcha code which will be displayed next to the Security Code text. Look carefully at the code and write it in the box next to it;
7. Check everything once and click the Get Results button;

If you submit the information following the above procedure, you will get a mark sheet with the detailed information of the HSC or Alim or equivalent examinee whose results you want to get, subject to the accuracy of the information.

HSC, ALIM & Equivalent Results 2020 Marksheet with Number

Then you can print the HSC 2020 mark sheet by clicking on the Print button. And by clicking on the Search Again button, you can find the results again.

How to know the results of the organization through https://eboardresults.com:

To find out the HSC ALIM or equivalent exam results PDF PDF Results of a particular organization for 2020, first, enter the site https://eboardresults.com/app;

Then enter the EIIN number of your organization by clicking on the Institute Results button from the result type box. Then enter the security code and click the Get Result button.

HSC প্রাতিষ্ঠানিক ফলাফল eboardresults.com এর মাধ্যমে

If the information is correct, your organization will come up with HSC 2020 result summary, result print, pdf download and pdf view options.

From here, you can choose the option you need to know the results of the organization and download if necessary.

HSC & Alim – Equivalent Exam Result 2020 With Marksheet View Method-03

The third way to get HSC, Alim, and equivalent examination results with mark sheet is through http://educationboardresults.gov.bd/ web portal;

The mark sheet with the number can be downloaded through this website using only the roll registration number of the examinee.

HSC ALIM Results via educationboardresults.gov.bd

You will get the desired result by typing the information displayed in the above picture i.e. your exam name, side year, roll number, registration number, and the result of the given addition in the box and click on the submit button.

HSC 2020 marksheet via educationboardresults.gov.bd

The registration number is mandatory for downloading HSC equivalent examination mark sheet in the above manner.

HSC & Alim – Equivalent Exam Result 2020 Marksheet with View Method-04

http://mail.educationboard.gov.bd/web/ By accessing this website you can download the organization-based results as soon as the results are published.


Click on the button above or enter the website http://mail.educationboard.gov.bd. If the link is correct, the portal will be launched as shown below.

In the picture box above, select the name of your board instead of the Board, EIIN number of your organization in the box of EIIN number and HSC or Equivalent in the result type and click on the Get Institute Result button.

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