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30 Days Short Syllabus Published for BD Secondary School Download

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all level educational institutes in Bangladesh remain closed.  The Directorates of Secondary and Higher Education Bangladesh has published a short syllabus of 30 days for assessment for educational institutions at the secondary level. See and High School Short Syllabus the short syllabus for Class 6 to 9 here.

This short syllabus for Class six to eight includes a total of 12 subjects Bengali, English, Mathematics, Science, Bangladesh, and World Identity, information and communication technology, Islam and moral education,

Hindu and moral education, Christianity and moral education, agricultural education, home science have been prepared.

How many subjects will be taught from which chapters in the short syllabus of Class 6 to 9 prepared and in the syllabus has been described?

The number of required classes has been mentioned with the rationale of not including the subjects which were not included.

According to the short syllabus prepared, the secondary level students will be guided according to the syllabus in the next possible 30 working days.

Here is a short syllabus of high school students for the readers of

You can download by clicking on the download button below.

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See all the syllabus of 6th to 9th class of High School

Download Revised Syllabus_Class 6 to 9 

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