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3 Link to Upload Primary Stipends Data on Pesp Mynagad – The Best Way

Today we will learn about 3 Link to Upload Primary Stipends Data on Pesp.Mynagad.Com and know the Best Way to submit govt. primary education stipends data on pesp.mynagad.com known as Nagad Live Portal for Primary Students Stipends program declared by Government.

PESP Portal User Manual For Head Teacher

Table of Content:

  • How to open Primary Education Stipend Program pesp.mynagad.com
  • Way to Collect User Name & Password;
  • Easy Way to Collect Students Data;
  • Urgent Documents for Upload Primary Education Stipends Data on Nagad Live portal designed for Government Primary school Stipends program 2021.

Ways to open Nagad Live portal for Primary Education Stipend Program:

Open your browser and type https://pesp.mynagad.com on your internet browser’s address bar or Just Click Here [Nagad Live Portal for Primary Education Stipend Program will be open]. 


The PESP Nagad portal login page opens in front of you. Here you need to put your password which is your EMIS code and the password collected from the Thana education officer for Nagad Live Stipends Software.

PESP Portal User Manual For Head Teacher

Login process of pesp.mynagad.com Primary Stipends Portal By Nagad:

Step-1: Open the web browser on your computer.

Step-2: Type “pesp.mynagad.com” PESP MYNAGAD Portal in the address bar and press Enter on your keyboard. You will see the below page:

LOgin Page of pesp.mynagad.com, 3 Link to Upload Primary Stipends Data on Pesp Mynagad - The Best Way
Primary Stipends Portal By Nagad Login Page

If your URL is correct PESP MyNagad primary stipend portal login page will show in your TAB. Just Put your user name (Your School EMIS Code) and Password (Q3@2020)

Step-3: Enter your school code in “User name” and password in the “Password” section

Step-4: Click on the Login button

Step-5: After successful login Primary Stipends Software by Nagad Will show 3 Required Task you have to complete. If you login for the first time.

Required Task List:

      • Please Update Head Teacher Profile
      • Please Update Your Password
      • Please Upload Your Signature

Please Update Head Teacher Profile:

You need to update the headteacher’s profile of your school. To do this action just click on Right Arrow Button beside the task and started to fill up the required information.

To update headteachers’ information on Pesp Mynagad web stipend software you need this information- 1. School Type, 2. Teacher Name, 3. Mobile, 4. Email, 5. NID – Headteachers National ID Number.

Click on the Save button when you finished filling up the required information.

Step-6: After clicking the “update password” arrow (Step 5), the below box will appear.

      • Please type your password on the first line.
      • Type a new secret password on the second line.
      • After that, retype the password on the 3rd line.

Click on the Save button when Your expected password is given. Please remember this password. Use this password for future Login.

Please Upload Your Signature:

After updating your profile, please click on the ”update signature” option as displayed after clicking on Arrow beside the update signature task.

A Signature update form will open on PESP MYNAGAD Stipends Portal and you have to upload your Signature.

Just click on the To Upload Signature Click Here button to upload a scanned signature. After the click, the image selection window will open. Just select your expected file and click the Open Button shown below the window.

Maximum allowed size is 1 MB (Megabyte) and allowed file type are- .png, .jpg, .jpeg

To complete the upload you have to click on the Save button.

When you have done every required task successfully you will be the main dashboard of Primary Upobritti Web Portal and be ready to upload or update students’ information and any other things you need.

PESP NAGAD Upobritti Software Dashboard,3 Link to Upload Primary Stipends Data on Pesp Mynagad - The Best Way

There is a complete overview of Nagad Upobritti Software for Sarkari Prathomik Biddayloy. Govt Primary School Students show above.

Now Learn about Primary Education Stipends Project Software step by step mentioned by Number and Letter in the picture.

1. User Dashboard:

pesp.mynagad software user dashboard is mentioned in the picture by Number 1. Your school name will show in this option. You can update your profile, change your password, upload signatures, and view tutorials from here.

2. School Dashboard and Overall process:

Number 2 mentioned option has the main modules of Primary Upobritti Software. You have to work with this module to get paid stipends payment of your students. Modules in this option are mentioned by letters. Just follow the information below and learn more about DPE Stipends WebSoftware.

a.  School Dashboard: 

If you select School Dashboard you can see the overall Upobritti mean Stipends related information of your school.

There are three menu Session Details, Enrollment Details, Demand Details.

Schools complete stipends related information you will find there.

b. School List: 

In the School list menu, you will see a list of schools you can access. To edit students’ information just click the Edit/Student red button beside the respected list.

You can request payment once the student enrollment process is approved by clicked green Stipend Demand button.

c. Demand Sheet: 

In the demand sheet option, you can see the student’s stipends demand sheet of your school.

d. Update Signature: 

To update the headteachers’ signature you uploaded it before click on the Update Signature menu and follow step 6 in this article.

e. Cluster User Selection: 

In the Cluster User, Selection menu user will have the list of Govt Primary school in his cluster and done things stipends related task.

f. Update Head Teacher Profile: 

If you want to update headteachers’ information just click on this menu and update by following step 1.

g. View Tutorial:

In the view tutorials menu, the user can see the video and PDF tutorial Primary Education Stipend Program Related software by Nagad.

Upload Process on Students Data on Primary Education Stipends Program Software by Nagad pesp.mynagad.com

To upload eligible students of your government primary school you have logged in pesp.mynagad.com web portal and follow the steps.

Add/ Edit Students:

From the school list page, students can be added:

  • Step-1: Click on this Red button on the School List page to Add or Edit Students Data.
  • Step-2: Click on the Add (+) Button
  • Step-3: Click on student information fields to type/ select student information.
  • Step-4: After entering student information, please click on the “is Eligible” check box to select eligible students for a stipend.
  • Step-5: Afterwards please click on the “Save” button. Please note that if the information is not saved, all data will be lost. Student data can be saved as many times as required. Don’t click on Submit to verify button if your data entry isn’t complete. You can’t add or edit any data if you click this button.
  • Step-6: Students can be deleted by clicking on the delete button.
  • Step-7: If the Student list for the stipend program is completed, click on “Submit & Verify ”
    After clicking “Submit & Verify” no student can be added or no information can be modified.
  • After Submission, the student list will go to the Cluster head for verification and to UEO for approval. Enrollment status can be checked from the school list menu.
  • After Cluster Head’s verification and UEO’s approval, “enrollment status” will be changed to “Approved” similar to the below picture. Once approved, demand can be generated for a stipend.

Stipend Demand Generation on pesp mynagad:

  • Step-1: Log in with user name and password.
  • Step-2: Go to School list from the menu located on the left side of the portal
  • Step-3: Click on the Stipend Demand button to generate stipend demand. You can see the demand for your school after Cluster & UEO approved your school.
  • Step-4: After clicking this button, a List of all students can be viewed.
  • Step-5: Students can be filtered by their class by select class.
  • Step-6: Stipend month can be selected individually for each student. Stipends months can be selected individually by checking the unchecking box.
  • Step-7: After estimation, amounts can be saved by clicking save amount. Headteachers can save the amount of current estimation. If not, Data will be lost.
  • Step-8: After completing the estimation, the final demand can be submitted for review. Once submitted, it cannot be changed. You can submit by clicking Save & Submit Button. After submitting the stipend demand, the Cluster head and UEO will verify and approve the demand.


After going to “School list” two reports can be downloaded:

  • 1. Student list “Top sheet”
  • 2. Beneficiaries list

This is the complete instruction for pesp.mynagad.com Primary Education Stipends Programs by Nagad Mobile Banking System.

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See Video Tutorial of PESP MYNAGAD

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