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3 Best Alternative Server for BANBEIS Education Survey – Banbeis.gov.bd

Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics (BANBEIS) organizes BANBEIS Education Survey from the post-primary educational institute in Bangladesh. It called Banbeis e-Survey. Every year BANBEIS organizes this Education Survey following its own survey calendar. Authority gives very little time for submitting data in the e-Survey portal. While peoples all over the country trying to submit their data into the survey portal the server becomes down. As a result, the institute can’t submit their data in time. Here we found the 3 Best Alternative Server links for submitting BANBEIS educational survey data of your institute.

Read the full article carefully and follow the instruction to easily submit your data to the BANBEIS survey portal with 3 Best Alternative Server. Like our Facebook page and ask any kind of question you want. You can comment here in the comment box.

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Educational e-Survey Link-1:

Usually, this is the main link to submitting educational survey data to BANBEIS. The server link is;

You can type this URL in your browser or  Just click here to log in to this server. You will need your default user id and password to log in to this portal.

BANBEIS e-Survey Main Server

Educational e-Survey Alternative Server-01:

If your main server isn’t working properly you may try this link. Just type in your browser in click enter for login. This server URL almost the same as the main URL but only 104 instead of 109.

Remember, Only use this URL when BANBEIS main server isn’t responding properly.

BANBEIS e-Survey Alternative Link-01

Educational e-Survey Alternative Server-02:

When the previous two servers not working properly or going down then try the third and last alternative educational survey portal of BANBEIS. Just type

There is also a simple change in Banbeis Alternative Server that 107 instead of 104 and 109;

Click the button below and login to submit your institute data in BANBEIS.

BANBEIS e-Survey Alternative Link-3

Always remember BANBEIS e-Survey most important for education management in Bangladesh. So, Please do this task carefully and sincerely.

If you submit any wrong data the survey will be difficult. Your data is most important for this work.

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