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2nd Assignment Class 9 English, Civics, Biology and Finance Banking

By following Assignment Publication Routine or Assignment Greed DSHE, gov bd has published 2nd Week assignment for class 9 Students. In 2nd week assignment for the student of class 9 has three subjects. These are English for all groups, Civics (Pouraniti o Nagorikota) for Humanities (Arts) group, Biology for Science and Finance and Banking for Business Studies Group.

Here is the PDF and Web version of Class IX 2nd Assignment English, Civic, Biology, Finance and Banking.

Its marked as 1st assignment for English, Civic (Pouraniti), Biology and Finance and Banking for Class IX.

If you want, you can read the second week assignment of class 9 directly from here or download the PDF.

2nd assignment of class Nine of 2021 will start from 26th March 2021, and the deadline to submitted by 01st April 2021.

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So let’s see what the second assignment for 2021 published for Class IX students has to offer and how to solve it. Class Nine 2nd Assignment English, Civics, Biology, Finance and Banking.

2nd-week English Assignment Class Nine 2021 JPG and PDF

2nd-week English Assignment Class Nine 2021 JPG and PDF, Class 9 Assignment English, Class 9 2nd Week English Assignment Question, Class IX English Assignment PDF,

The assigned task for class 9 English for 2nd week selected from Chapter and Title of the Chapter: Unit One: Father of the Nation,

Lesson No and title of the lesson included in the syllabus/content:

Lesson 1: Bangabandhu’s Family in 1971, Lesson 2: The tale of Homecoming, Lesson 3: Bangabandhu at the UN, Lesson 4: Bangabandhu’s Relationship with other Countries.

Assignment Task:

Prepare a fact file (a short report of all the most important information on a person or subject) on the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

You can use narratives, pictures, images, information, newspaper clips etc. to support your assignment. Write 180-200 words…

See a Best Sample Answer: A Best Fact File or A short report on Bangabandhu the Father of the Nation

Class Nine 2nd week Civics (Pouraniti) assignment 2021 JPG and PDF

In the second week, assignments have also been given from class IX Civics (Pouraniti o Nagorikota) book for student of humanities or arts groups. It marked as 1st assignment for IX civis 2021.

It is assigned for Pouraniti o nagorikota (Civics) first chapter Politics and citizenship according to short syllabus for 2021 for class IX.

Class Nine 2nd week Civics (Pouraniti) assignment 2021 JPG and PDF
Class Nine 2nd week Civics (Pouraniti) assignment 2021 JPG and PDF

Lesson number and content included in the curriculum:

Politics and citizenship. The scope or content of the subject of politics and citizenship. Family, family classification. Family functions.

Society, State, The origin of the state, The idea of government, The relationship between the state and the government.

Assignment task:

At the end of the lesson on the subject of politics and citizenship, make a pastor with a list of your achievements.

Click the see question button to read the full question in Bangla and press the download button to get PDF.

একটি বাছাইকরা নমুনা উত্তর দেখুন: পৌরনীতি ও নাগরিকতা বিষয় পাঠে অর্জন সমূহের তালিকা পোস্টার

2nd-week Biology Class Nine Assignment 2021 JPG and PDF

In 2021 Second weeks assignment there is Biology 1st assigned task for student of class 9 Science Section. Its assigned from Chapter and Chapter Title: Chapter 1: Life Lesson of biology book.

2nd-week Biology Class Nine Assignment 2021 JPG and PDF, Class 9 Biology Assignment 2021, Class Nine Jib biggan 1st Assignment,
2nd-week Biology Class Nine Assignment 2021 JPG and PDF

Lesson number and content included in the curriculum:

Concepts of biology, Branches of biology, Physical biology, Applied Biology, Classification of organisms, Different stages of taxonomy, Binomial nomenclature;

Assignment: Follow the signs present the characteristics of the 5 kingdoms of the animal kingdom in a comparative table according to Margulis’s classification and show the known creatures in the table by including the states according to their characteristics.

একটি বাছাইকরা নমূনা উত্তর দেখুন: জীবজগতের পাঁচটি রাজ্যের বৈশিষ্ট্য এবং উদাহরণ

2nd-week Finance and Banking Assignment 2021 Class 9 JPG and PDF

Students of class ix who reads in Business Studies have 1st assignment of Finance and Banking Book in 2nd week assignment for 2021.

2nd-week Finance and Banking Assignment 2021 Class 9 JPG and PDF, Class 9 Finance and Banking Assignment 2021, Class 9 Finance Assignment PDF, class 9 2nd assignment Finance 2021,
2nd-week Finance and Banking Assignment 2021 Class 9 JPG and PDF

Finance and Banking assignment for 2nd week for class 9 will available very soon. Just stay tuned with us.

বাছাইকরা নমূনা উত্তর দেখুন: অর্থায়নের ক্রমবিকাশ শীর্ষক নিবন্ধ রচনা

Download Other Classes 2nd Week Assignment 2021

Click the link to download the 2nd-week assignment for class 6, 7, 8, and 9 from below. All of the assignment for class 6, 7, 8 and 9 are in PDF, JPG and Web Version available.

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Frequently Asked Question about Class 8 2nd Assignment English, Bangladesh and Global Studies.

How to download class Nine all week assignment?

Just visit for every week’s assignment in real-time. You can download all week’s assignment questions from our website.

When Assignment Will Published?

The directorate of secondary and higher secondary education under the ministry of education started publishing weekly assignments on 20 March 2021. It will continue till 07 August 2021.

How may I get Weekly assignment Question PDF?

If you want to download PDF File for the Class 9 Weekly Assignment for 2021 just visit or

How should I get Best Answer for Class 9 weekly assignment for All subject?

Weekly Best Assignment Answers for 9 all subject are publishing on the Bangla Notice website. There all answer is prepared by most meritorious students experienced teachers.

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This assignment is applicable for all education board includes Dhaka, Cumilla, Chittagong, Sylhet, Madrasha, Barishal, Dinajpur and others.

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